Some more of my other early work

Ok while I am here I will show some more of my older work. For those of you with experience in the Scrapping world you better not be laughing LOL….cause I will do that for the lot of ya.

Seriously though this is some fun fun addiction to have though and really can’t believe I never started earlier. Well I know why I didn’t as Matt would have had a heart attack at the cost LOL

Pure Love

Pure Love

Adorable isn’t she LOL……

And….love this one of my son Cameron in the bath with his two cousins up at nana’s one night.

3 cheeky monkeys

Next …Gran and Cameron in Wanaka for Easter 2003

Follow me Gran!

Follow me Gran!

And…..this was taken at Xmas 2007. Not the best picture but its hard getting us all together all at once LOL

Our precious

Our precious

There you have some haha. Now I just need to work out how to use wordpress better to make the most of what I can give and do . That could take awhile knowing my computer skills


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