I have done it!!!

Yes finally have I completed my first ever card. I am really happy with how it turned out LOL…(blows own trumpet of course) but didn’t know what I was doing or neither did I have any ideas of what I was designing until I had finished it too. Its for a little baby girl Riana, first child to a very dear friend!

New baby card...

New baby card...

Have done a few more LO’s too.

This is another one of my son visiting the butterfly house which he loved and could almost live at if it wasn’t too hot all the time.



These last two I was playing around with using simple thoughts and simple lines. LOL I always think my pages look empty and nothing so for me doing this was a challenge in itself.

Being 6

Being 6




Sorry not great pictures of the LO but you get the general idea.

Mmmm I feel like giving card making another go now ..its amazing how trying something new inspires you to do more.  Not sure how people make cards and save them for the right occassion though. I am struggling with an idea since I have not subject matter. Will give a go anyways. No one has to see if I don’t let them LOL


One thought on “I have done it!!!

  1. Gorgeous layouts & that card is fabulous (I’d have NEVER posted my first attempt, LOL!!). There will be no stopping you now!

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