Another one down

Well this weekend I was nearly too busy watching the fab Nz’er working hard out at the Olympics to scrap but I found time in between to do this one. Its quite different I think for me and did challenge the old brain. It’s titled “you 3 are so loved”….abit hard to see all the detail in picture form on her but you get the general idea LOL

And over at you will find a new comp starting up. An olympic challenge (tis the season indeed). You pick a country and go from there. I picked Madagascar…LOL because the kids DVD was sitting out staring at me. But our first wee start up challenge was to do a LO of “you” and use only colours from your countries flag. Madadascar’s flag colours are Red, White and Green. LOL I ever read the start up challenge before entering and I don’t normally do red so they were lucky that I actually do buy some red pieces for my stash!

Here’s my entry anyway…plain but done in only a couple of hours….just had to finish off last bits once I got my hands on a friends red ink pad LOL.

and the close up of the text which really is just words on how I would describe me LOL

So Tues night we all at sketchbook will be waiting patiently (yeah right) for miss megan to put up the first challenge of the Olympics LOL.

Right off to see what else I can do while the house is quiet heehhe. Won’t be for long now that I have typed it


2 thoughts on “Another one down

  1. Hi Lynne,

    Found your blog on your siggy at the Sketch Book … just wanted to say “hello”. I’m excited that so many people are doing our comp, I wish I was eligible to enter but I can’t coz I’m a contributor – boohoo!
    Love your layout for the warm-up challenge, look foward to seeing more of your work 🙂

    Hannah (aka honeybumble)

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