No I haven’t decided to suddenly get fit or anything LOL.

I have finished the LO for the first olympic challenge over at sketchbook….fun fun. My wee miss has a fab sleep so got to play the whole two hours long! Then squeezed in acouple of mins here and there to get the little bits done so I could have some light left to take a picture. Thats one thing I need to learn better…taking better pictures of my LO’s. Everyone elses seem so much clearer than mine even though I have a good camera

Anyway here it is

……… not….just read it must be kept under rapts until end!!! Hope I don’t get in trouble now from the big boss!!!

ok now here it is

And here is a close up of the journaling too

This was fun to do. Nothing like a little competition to get the LO’s flowing really. I not expecting anything with the talent of I think 60 people entered but hey my albums like it!

OK ok I am editing this to say OMG just read over at sketchbook that they now have 90 people entered to play along! So don’t envy the three judges!!!Wow super fab and super fun!


One thought on “Cycling!!

  1. OMGosh!! you’ve only been scrapping since the beginning of the year?????

    ………………….amazing! I loved having a quick flick through your posts 🙂

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