Busy beaver…..me!

LOL well just suddenly had a rush of the NEED to scrap….who doesn’t aye.

First offmy entry for the 4th week on olympic. It was swimming time so I had a little fun with this. Only had to relate it to water and use a clear/see thru /transparency type thing on the LO…

My take

and close up of the water rops which are see thru

Umm what else.Oh I read the nz dare and gave it a go….didn’t enter it but here it is..you had a challenge of the big and the small…xs-xxxl type thing

I loved these pictures of DD trying on dressup glasses and hair all over the place…she is such a character.

This one was for the fortnight challenge over at sketch book….first cuddles. DD looks so tiny in my tiny gran’s arms.

Grr I have just downloaded Picasa 3 and edited in there but dont know how to upload or save the pictures that I take from microsoft my pictures and get them on here so all that time making them straight and sharpening them up sucked LOL….

Anyone???? Help???? LOL please.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So just uploaded my take on Track and field into gallery at sketchbook and it will be the crapy copy from the normal file….double pisss! Anyways that was a fun challenge just had to be outdoories! so the wait is on til tues for the gallery to be up!

Plus another thing…if you can help or know of this beautiful lay called Lisa please come visit/read and post comments on the blog her dear friend Debs has set up. Sketchbook is running an auction (I think) soon to help raise some funds…please pop by anyway


Bye for now!


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