arrhh a week or more

has gone by and I feel like I had a little scrapper blank. Not sure why or where it went so got my a into g and did two LO’s for the books.

First one was for where I had to set the new colour inspiration challenge for the fortnight…this was fun surfing thru google trying to find something that tickled myfancy and hopefully inspire others too.

This is what I picked

Thought this cloc was alittle out there and could really let the imagination flow. Wouldn’t ming the clock either but wouldn’t know where to put it either hahah..dreams one day for that flash house that i own with no repayments to be made hahaha

Anyways here is my example of the challenge.

The picture was not the best due to smudges on my lens that of course I didn’t notice til I had uploaded and edited the picture….made sure I got that cleaned quick smart. The LO is all about Cam and his times in Wanaka….he truely is a wanaka boy in the heart and this park is a daily thing when we are visiting there too.

So if you wanna give it a go come on over and join us and upload your inspirated result!

Last night I was all set to do another challenge over at but got side track and ended up doing the fortnightly challenge that is current at present. I have decided that I have neglected my sons older pictures for way too long (probably have to blame that on all the fab girly flowers and embellies out there) but he might start to complain soon. So the challenge was just another inspriation move to get his book filled.

What I ended up with

This was about how Cam had begged basically for a real digger….he tried for bithdays, xmas and inbetweens but where would one put a play digger let alone pay for one when its not gonna be used for its real purpose LOL…anyways a friend had hired one for the day and quickly rang Cam up and invited him for a play while “digger man” was on lunch break LOL…all his dreams came tru that day. Bliss his imagination thats for sure.This LO also had me a bit scared for a min as I got out a lighter and set light to the corners of the centre piece…..LOL now trying to burn  my LO was a new thing for me it was a must I had to try…it was fun and survived the journey LOL

So if ya feel up to this challenge set by the beautiful Annelie this is her mission to you

You know you want to!!!!!

Right off to find something else to do now…thats the prob, when I felt like I haven’t scrapped for ages I just wanna do heaps at once and can’t find enough hours in a day to fill my need.

Oh just edited to add this LO I did beore my blank…another for Cam’s book of when he was three…oh how they grow!

All about how Cam wanted to mow the lawns just like Dad but the noise was too much..this is how Dad solved his worries……to cute…look at that swishy face with the ear muffs on LOL


5 thoughts on “arrhh a week or more

  1. That clock rocks – I love the colours in it – must get something done for that one, now that my house will be completly my own!! YEEHA! Great layouts too – the colours just pop!

  2. Great layouts, I love the bright colours and how the photos still stand out. I really like the effects on the digger one, I wouldn’t have known you’d burnt the edges if you hadn’t said so … hmm, a new technique to try I think! 😉

  3. what a lovely blog, lol @ little miss scruff, i love layouts that are the every day and your christmas count down clock is awsome

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