Yah I found some scrapping mojo…at last

Well 09 has started with a bang and a buzz in Scrappin’ patch with the wanna be comp heating up to the max. So having fun playin with different peoples styles and materials.

Here is my Wanna be Emily Falconbridge book. I loved playing messy and adding paint and odd things to this book. So fun!


and this is my favourite page..the one of the right.

Its of a birthday card one of my sisters gave to me. It makes me smile and so brings back memories of our childhood, esp how our mother use to dress us…shame shame LOL. But as soon as I opened it, I laughed so hard with my sis we had tears rolling down our face. I knew I had saved it for something but until this book challenged me, I didn;t know why. It fits so perfectly into my “so Special” book. I got out the sewing maching sewed a heart round the picture and wrote on it…Recieving this card was just so my sis.still to this day it makes me smile….such a moment, such a memory, such a sister…..



The next Wanna be is Lori Mancini,…this was a blast to try her work. That will have to wait to reveal! Watch this space.


Anyway have also done the 2 fortnightly challenges there.

This one of Charli called “My do it!”…totally her at the moment. Such a 2 year old saying. Its about her and puttin on socks.



And this fortnights challenge…using material on a LO. A first for me, and it was fun too! Am abit early on it and got it completed last night. Charli at 3 months old



So thats me for now.

Off to do a colour inspiration challenge for the Scrapbox. If ya wanna join in the fun check it out, only been put up in the last couple of days and the colours are YUMMY , devine and just do able for a perfect LO I have in mind.


Aww and the weather…OMG devine and scrummy too. Might have to enjoy the day first then  get onto that challenge tonight when the weather cools alittle.


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