productive few days….

yah and about time too!

Decided to pull out these LO’s that I had already to do in there slips. Finally got an arvo of free time to complete them, nothing fancy but done.

Party clowns…its all about G and Cameron. They did this ever birthday they both had. It always amazed me how alike in many ways Cam was to his Grandad. Their sense of fun and laugher was contagious really. So this is pictures taken in 05 at Cam’s 3rd birthday and cake we had up at there house to celebrate.




Next…..just a typical time when I try and get a night shot of the kids together. They looked so happy, peaceful and non fighting siblings! Started taking pictures and they turn into big goof balls. ITs one or the other that is making an odd face….kids aye!


And last is finally my colour inspiration I did over in . The colours were a gorgeous teal, orange, red and lime green. Real nice bright colours ….very timely for the weather we have been having really.

Its another old picture of Cam as a baby…..2 months….journally reads- Cameron August 02. This was the month you were meant to arrive but you had other plans. Here you are wearing prem clothes that were still far too big. xxoo


Hope to see some more LO’s in the gellery there soon.

TFL and wishing everyone some fab times.

Keep on scrapping 🙂


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