Must be with me in the scrapping sense right now. Or maybe anxiety makes me work better I am not sure.

But blow me down I got #1 in the Wanna be Jolene Pienaar over at scrappin patch this fortnight. Mmmmm not sure what I am doing right but will go with it as I am sure it wont last LOL. I really loved Jolenes style so that could be why it worked for me. Doing all these styles of other peoples is fabbo, it is really heloing me find out what I like to do, what I can do and where my creative streak is heading.

So this is the winning layout LOL…..just a charli bathtime one….



I actually thought the picture I took of this LO was terrible….am having issues getting nice clear pictures at moment even thought I have  a great camera…..totally have to blame the person using it atm which sucks LOL

here is close up, which again is a crap quality picture but ya get the drift.


 but of fun anyway.


This fortnights challenge wanna be is a young lady by the name of  Beate. Go look at her blog…I can’t believe she is so young (24) and so darn talented.

So I am in the thinking stages indeed of what to do. Never tried my hand at vintage style but I am loving her work so hopefully that can help me LOL.

Right off to do normal housework now…..loads of washing to be hung today, arrhhh don’t ya hate changing all the sheets and having to spend most of the day washing, hanging, drying. But it motivates me to tidy the rest of the rooms when I strip the beds. My DD (2 year old) always says to me “heyyyyyyyyyyy what you doing to my bed”….its like she thinks I am gonna remove the whole thing from her room. Cute…at least she notices, Cam (6.5years) is a typical bloke already and wouldn’t even notice getting into a bed with nie fresh sheets and I am sure he thinks a fairy lives in this house that empties his rubbish bin, puts 1000’s of books back in his shelves and reloads his draws with nice clean folded clothing.

Arhhh the joys of children.

hope everyone is having a fab week. Hugs to all that need it too



ohhh edit to say this LO just got accepted in basic grey gallery ….have a look



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