A few more

Well managed to get a few more LO’s done of family that I wanted to.

Used some sketch challenges to do so.

Over at http://scrappinpatch.co.nz I did the Challenge set til the 20th March by Annelie (her example was devine)…

Mine ….Love


gosh Katie would probably kill me for putting this up but I like this picture of her and Jamie so tough LOL….

and more of the family…this one of Rachel and Tom….I did for the  http://www.scrapboxnz.com March sketch challenge set by Brenda….her example is another fab LO too.

mine- Soulmates


Brilliant day for scrapping as its not that flash here this arvo, and the kids were happy just mucking around us while DP did domestic stuff and I made more mess.

Entered in my last LO for the Patch wanna be comp…..can’t wait to see how Kelly liked our stuff.  Already can tell you the winner of that comp but aye thems the breaks. Can’t hurt a trier like me and I have totally found new inspiration from this competition so I am totally a winner there.

Right off to get ear bashing from family for posting these and better feed the kids while I at it

Hope everyone has had a fab weekend.

Oh and got some great fabbo news today but will let you all in on that secret soon 🙂


3 thoughts on “A few more

  1. Not clucky news…never from this body again will I produce another gorgeous baby! I would be locked up insane LOL

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