Scared yet???

LOL that was the title to my latest LO. I did it for the Firday night challenge over at

that has just been. I love these pictures of Cam. He was going to a party last year called “as scary as you dare” for his 6 year old friend. Cam wanted to be a dracula, so I got the face paint out and  sewing machine out too. Made up his cape, brought fake teeth from $2 shop and bingo he was set. We spray painted his hair black, funny going from blonde to black LOL. He look so different that when he rocked up to the party the parents there already did not regcognise him, it was so funny.

The Layout had to be 1 manufacter of paper, 2 worded title, and 3 photos on layout…



Right back off again, feeling sorry for myself today. Am on ab’s for sinus infection and now have sore blimmin tooth to. Am hoping this year really improves for me as it feels like I am just about falling apart at mo. Arrhhh I am getting old!


Over at crafty tart Debbie has put up the first challenge for 09 ..Its a pancake challenge….wanna know more go check here   and see what you have to do.


Here’s is my take on Debbies challenge….and would you believe it , I have never done a real circle LO before so thanks Debbie for the inspiration.

This LO is the first family school picture ever for my two….charli was about to turn one and she just freaked out, about 2 secs after this was snapped she cried like no tomorrow…this was the only shot the poor man got of my two. I really liked the picture of Cam, he looks very handsome…and yes I am basis.


tfl all


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