NZ dares….its final dare!

009Wow I have only just been scrapping over a year now and really have enjoyed the fun challenges and talent that has come thru nz dares. Though I have only entered twice (slacker I know) I have generally followed the fun.

So to say goodbye I quickly threw together this LO for their last challenge. It was about choices…the choices we make in life etc.

I chose to twist it alittle…… Mine is call Chosen

I have written in tiny alphas below ” Sometimes choice is……. letting life chose you”

My line of thought for this lo was about how I chose to have a family, and these 2 beautiful kids chose me as their mum, my life chose Matt as my partner and father to my kids. So though I had made choices , life kinda chose me to fit into it too.


Thanks nz dare and all those that put the hard yards into making it so fun and friendly…you all rocked.


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