Crafty tart design kits

Debbie and I have been sent out loads of Reminisce  and Piggy Tales PP’s and embellies… bright, fun and funky items to work with indeed.

Firstly I set out making a under $10 idea/gift album

I used the cardboard box that my pp’s came in and cut out 9cm approx circles to make the base of the album out of….here is what I created








And some LO’s done to date




And there is plently more to come now that Charli is all on the mend and back at daycare ….gotta love that place some days.

So check out all the goodies at your finger tips…just waiting for a new home! Arhhh its so hard to pick.

Happy times everyone 🙂


One thought on “Crafty tart design kits

  1. Oh, you’ve been very quiet lately Lynne – you blog about as often as me, lol!! Very cool album, and a great idea! Great layouts too, especially the Cheeky Cute one. Very cute boy papers.

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