Sketch challenge up at CT

Ok all that love a sketch or 100, I have just placed a challenge for you all to have a go at with a hand drawn sketch I did….yes I suck with computers so no fancy made up computerised sketch from me LOL….

So if you have time come put your sketch up in the gallery for us all to see..

My sketch….don’t laugh LOL….cause I already am



and my take



and just another LO I did for fun….And finally opened my packet of Lime Rickey that I just couldn’t wait to get then lost all inspiration til now too play……and got Lemonade waiting and June bug waiting for me.


Oh and if ya local here to dunner’s  (or want a drive) check out Elaines in mornington…she got all the BG in stock now…..It gorgeous. Please leave me some  😉


4 thoughts on “Sketch challenge up at CT

  1. Love your sketch! Soooo much character! Would have a go but I’m seriously stalled on the scrapbooking. Maybe I’ll get inspired!
    Haven’t got BG lemonade yet, I love the 6 x 6 pads for making cards, not so hard to cut into them!LOL!

  2. Thankyou for your awesome comment on my blog. And yes every now and then we have a downer but focus on the good bits cos they are very very good.
    Hope you are enjoying the holidays and keeping warm.

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