Ekkk its been awhile….

Yip its been awhile since I have posted so thought it was about time I got my a into g.

I have been scrapping but kinda just randomly. Having sore elbows does help with crafty wishes but will see how that goes. I am trying to use up some stock I have sitting at home and not spending too much (tui ad–yeah right)…

Anyway I had to play alittle with something new for a circle journal I was doing so decided it was to be alcohol inks since I hadnt started that addiciton yet…bit boy that will be short lived…what fun

here is alittle of what I did


and the tag


And also been doing some card swaps with some amzing ladies in Crafty Tart Forum…def make my cards seem so beginner like LOL but here are mine from the Sept swap..theme was thank you



And another thing I want to get more into is the canvas art and off the page things for gift ideas. So if you have any to show off, leave me a link in my comments and I will be sure to spy later on. I was doing the usual one night with nothing to do and saw a canvas Nix Howard had done so I took her idea and recreated one similar (def not a good but I liked it) and did another as a set for a gorgeous family members birthday. She liked them so my mission was completed and received well




these pictures were taken at night so hard to see tru colours..the actual base colour on canvas was more a teal/cream combo….

and totally off the scrapping theme I made these ..One for Charli which she calls her Mummy Dora and one for a craft swap I was doing on the EBB forum.


plus this little ted for my new nephew Jamie, just have to add a J to his top now I no for sure his name is Jamie 🙂


Plus other things that have kept me away from the scrapping table are these taggies and taggie balls I have been playing around with sewing. My daughter is addicted to her taggies and it seems I have created a few other addicted babes/toddlers too…oppps

001 (2)


oh and lastly I have tried my hand at sewing up some Tote bags…I like to challenge this non sewing girl some times and pretend I can….they turned out alright so now I wanna prefect the style and size I actually want and wait for the right material to show itself when I am shopping next.


But of fun anyway,…only thing is Charli got me into sewing up some baby bibs for her babies…we even took some to her preschool so she didnt have to take the real babies bibs when she was playing dollies LOL.


One thought on “Ekkk its been awhile….

  1. Wow Lynne, you have been crafty! Love those little dolls, and the canvas’ are very cool (is that the plural of canvas??!!). Oh, and I really like how you’ve used the alcohol inks on your circle journal, very nice.

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