zip, zap and yip nothing….

Thats right….nothing…no scrapping happening at all. Even spent some money trying to inspire me but nope!!!!!

Mojo where have you gone???????????????

This is what I have spent my last week looking after….


Yip…my baby got the chicken pox…or in her words the chicken pops…. LOL

She put on this sad droopy look just for the camera


But I suppose I kinda got something crafty done….I have been knitting. Knitting some props for my mate Dallas for her to use for her photography. Some wraps and hats…oh so cute!

And been knitting these wee tops for a friends wee girl. Can’t wait to see them on her…well guess you have to send them to see a picture LOL

024 (2)



 Another huge thing that happened this month was my fantastic awesome Gran passed away. She was an amzing lady. Served in the airforce and had amazing life experiences and got to meet 5 of her great grand children….she missed meeting the last addition Jamie due to him being in hospital and then on day of his release, she went into hospital. The day my sister was going to go up and let her meet him, she passed away. Was so sad for my sis as  Gran had only seen a photo of Jamie, still with all his cords, and medicalt stuff on him from NICU. Found theses pictures when I was going thru all Gran’s stuff for the funeral.

Gran with Charli


and this one of Cam and me with my Gran… LOL


And my gorgeous gran at 90

Frances front cover

RIP Gran 20th April 1917- 4th Nov 2009 xoxoxoxox


One thought on “zip, zap and yip nothing….

  1. mmm wonder where that mojo is hiding now hehe, lets hope it comes to you soon…love the tops your made your one talented lady, and love the pout on the face hehe too cute…..sorry to hear bout your gran – shes one lucky lady (like my gran who got to met 6 of her great grand children, cody was the one she never got to met) to met 5 great grand children…..

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