8 years old!!!

I can’t believe it, my gorgeous first born Cameron has turned 8 years old. How did 8 years go past me so fast????? When did I get 8 years older too??? LOL I am sure I am still the young thing that gave birth to Cam …too early might I add. Not me but Cam. 32 weeks was his gestation and he has never slowed down from the minute he showed up in this world.

Cam 3 weeks old in NICU still

Cam about to turn 2

Turning 3

Turning 5

7 years old with his sis Charli

And my gorgeous 8 year old with his cake at his party…19th June 2010

I just can’t wait to see what the years bring you Cam, I love your spirit, I love your energy, I love your cheekiness and most of all I just love you!

P.S – No scrapping has happened in this house all week… Not only have I been busy getting Cam’s party and birthday sorted but I hurt my back to the point of needing to spend a lot of time lying on couch with my new friend the wheat bag!  Finally saw an awesome Osteopath today and it’s feeling a lot better than Monday and Tuesday! Yah. I hope to get something scrappy done this weekend.


4 thoughts on “8 years old!!!

  1. I can so relate, I have an 8-year-old now too and wonder how THAT happened!?
    Love the photo journey through his life … and what an awesome cake you made for his 8th birthday! Wow, I bet he just loved it.

    Really glad that your back is starting to feel better, hopefully you can scrap a little now1

  2. Thanks so much for the lovely comment on my blog. I cut those felt flowers on my Cuttlebug and crocheted? the other one. had fun doing this so I’m thrilled with it.

  3. My son was born in 2002 also!! At 26 weeks gestation. It’s crazy how they go from the little teeny tiny boys (2lbs for mine) to the huge 8 year old boys. We sure are lucky!! It was nice to read your blog.

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