Loads to share

Oooppsss things got a little a way on me lately and I have forgotten to share my work with all.

The comp over at

http://scrapbookoutletnz.co.nz  is nearly over….we only have our last reveal happening Monday this week coming where we had to use the mystery product. It was these unusual Kasier dress up dolls that we could use in any way. Will show after this happens.

So right now I can share with you the few I forgot to show from weeks 7 and 8

Week 7 was sports and I completed a LO of Charli jumping on the trampoline…..its a sport to her LOL

and week 8 which was using Maori design of weave and koru. I did a page on Cameron at his Kapa Haka performance in 2009

And other ones I forgot to share were some of the ones from being guest designer at Sketchy thursday…eekkk whoops


She swings…was a set of photos I took of Charli having a try on the high monkey bars at a school we played at one weekend. You can tell she is a little freaked out near the end LOL

and last one is a double called “good enough”…and these photo’s are taken a few years ago of charli trying to taste the water from the dog’s bowl. And funny enough I had similar pictures of Cam when he was around the same age (2 or nearly 2)…so I wanted to incorporate them together. Cam is in the red tops and sadly they are they only photo’s I have as we didn’t own a digital camera when he was that little. This is what I came up with

And lastly some photo’s to share. I have been busy preparing for Charli’s 4th birthday party. I started early as I wanted to do a few fun crafty things for all the girls she invited and because my kids just love it when I let them lose on my scrap supplies. I used my new cricut that I won from http://scrappinpatch.co.nz  for the “stars” comp which I was placed first…woohoo. Anyway I cut out crown’s (for party hats) and stars (for wands), then brought heaps of stickers and neat girlie things to glue on them plus glitter….baked pink shortbread ladies and green shortbread men for them to ice and decorate, made paper beads (thanks Donna for showing me how) to make necklaces….got some games ready to play and bingo…we have a girlie party. All of which happened this arvo and went down really well. All the kids and even the parents loved having a play with all the bits and pieces.

I made this cake last night for Charli

So my little girl will be 4 on Tuesday and she is so going on 15 already…here’s a picture I took of her in Oamaru gardens when  we were up visiting family

and more photos….both of my gorgeous kids in Oamaru gardens

and lastly one of my big boy on his own…at our local woodhaugh gardens

Well done if you have gotten thru all of this and not fallen asleep. Be back Monday to share my take on those Kasier dress up dolls.

Take care all




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