While the kids are away….

I get to play 🙂 Does happy dance. But do you know how hard it is to play with your scrappy stuff when your trying to keep the house tidy for open homes and have stashed things away in odd places to de-clutter the house???? HARD! You should see the dining room table and floor….what a mess. Anyway this mess brought some creativity thru so that was the main thing. I played around more with canvas’s and created another xmas canvas to hang. Using a bit of basic grey/Kaiser/some home made flowers/ diamond dust and a few odds and ends….I ended up with this

and some close ups of the details ..the flowers using EK punches

and the heart dollie which I inked and diamond dusted the middle

and words from Kaiser

next I wanted to make up something for 2 of Charli’s friends that are leaving preschool for school tomorrow. They are having a fish and chip lunch shout on at preschool and I just wanted to give charli something to farewell the on their next journey of learning. Also these gorgeous children’s mum use to be my son’s favourite preschool teacher when he started there 6.5 years ago now. At a xmas crop (I think it was), we were al shown how to make up these gorgeous wee books that had wee envelopes in them for gifts/wouchers etc..so I decided to go with that idea and modify it slightly so the kids could write in them..this is what I came up with.

so the modified inside looks like this…..I used 2 small envelopes inside too for the kids to add in stickers/noted into them too. I inked the edges of the paper too just to bring the colour thru the books.

Plus a couple of cards for them…now I don’t do cards and these were just put together quickly 🙂


Arhhh now for the boring bit…..cleaning up my creative mess. I so can’t wait for my own scrap room…..someone please buy our house so we can move soon 😛

Night all



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