Sorry neglected blog….

Oopppsss life has been busy busy from the end of 2010 til now with school back and routinue back in the house…yippee..

We have moved house, Cam moved school and things just seem hectic at the mo. I got my wish of a scrap room and have only used it once then my sis has come to live with us for a while (if she can last my gorgeous but ever so noisy kidlets). So atm I have a wee table set up in the front lounge and other things spread out around the house. But good new is Scrapbook paradise has moved to bigger and more fab premises….with loads of room to play and shop. So we had a trial run of Scrap sat there last weekend and it was just perfect…even though Elaine said we were her test run peps πŸ˜›

The new classes that are run at the shop have just been released for you Dunedin people if you haven’t seen them then look here

Hope that works…or pop into new shop at Scrapbook Paradise , 130 Kaikorai Valley Road or give us a ring on 4762131

Ummm so scrapping…what have I done…

This LO is of my gorgeous wee niece Aimee…nothing flash but it was something to kick start the motivation and creative juices again.

Finally got my Tim Holtz box finished but forgot to take pictures of it before I took it into the shop…LOL will do that one day. get off and feed the munkins and then time to play with a new canvas idea….yah roll on bedtime my sweeties πŸ™‚

Be back soon…promise



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