Winter is coming…

Well it feels like it some days anyway.

Just sharin a couple more LO’s I have done this week.

This one I got done in the last Scrap sat at Scrapbook Paradise…Can’t believe I got one done actually since I didn’t get there til 1 and talked for most of it. Well ok I lie a little….I finished a few touches off at home that night “giggles”

A little close up of the details and Charli’s sad face in one of the pictures… It was for a preschool xmas concert and she was not impressed she had to get up on stage in front of heaps of people….and not wear her normal clothes LOL

And another LO which I pulled out these old pictures of Cameron when he was 3. I can’t remember why he was crying, but I a pretty sure it had something to do with being told he had to get out of the pool now and come inside for tea.  Gee aren’t scrapbookers mean when they think of snapping pictures of there crying kids before comforting them 🙂 Funny thing is…I wasn’t even scrapping at the time…..Geee is that worse???? Ekkkk

Giggles anyway…..he was cute even when crying 🙂

TFL and hope all is well with everyone




One thought on “Winter is coming…

  1. im the same though, does it make me a bad mum nah it make us great mums for wanting to caputre the good and the bad haha and when cody gets up to mischeif i will snap a photo or two then growl or whatever haha….love the layout though

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