A little something

Have been having a busy few weeks and sadly most of it is not on the crafting front.

Kids are back at school/kindy and didn’t realise how getting back into normal routine takes a bit of getting use to again.

Charli said goodbye to her Preschool last friday and it was a huge sad moment for me. We have been with Rainbow since Cam was 15months old (he turns 9 in June) so they are like a second family to us and have seen us thru some rough times over those years….plus many many happy times too. It was a hard decision to make but with moving house/suburb and Charli needing some more 4 year olds around her we decided to send her to the local kindy til Oct when she turns 5.

Anyway I asked Charli what she wanted to give as a goodbye gift and she said babies….meaning baby dolls 🙂

So we found 2 suitable dolls for her fellow preschool buddies to love and care for (and they apparently got named Charli and Cameron..how cute it that). Plus we got some neat books for the kids library and I made up some cards, did a baking session for their morning tea shout and I just had to throw in a crafty piece too. I decided something for the staff room would be an idea and this is what I came up with.

The script inside the little note is “a teacher’s prayer”….and when I found it, it seemed very fitting to the beautiful teachers that work there. I sanded, painted, distressed and crackled painted an old frame up and I am pleased with the outcome too…

Makes me want to play with old frames some more. The inside pictures have significance to the Preschool as their logo is the rainbow with a white dove flying thru it so I just added some extra touches to it

Right now I have started on altering an old book…in the painting stages and having a little blank, but I know when I finally get to sit down again, it will just come to me what I really want to do

Ta for looking and keep safe all




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