Have u tried……….

So have you tried your hand at “She Art” and more?????

I was in a little rut and my friend Lydia felt she wanted to try out something new too, so we set about finding some inspiration. Lydia’s sister-in-law Michelle does some amazing Art journaling that has been inspiring us for some time now (we still want a tut on her amazing file journals).  Anyway we got searching and came across  Christy Tomlinson’s She Art tuts on u-tube and on her gorgeous blog. This lady has some super amazing Art happening and gee would I love to attend some of her fun classes.

So rolling with the video’s we had seen on Christy’s You tube uploads showing some techs and ideas, we set about having some creative fun at Scrap saturday with the Scrapbook Paradise regulars.  I give full credit to Christy for the ideas and due to not holding a drawing pencil since high school art, I had to take some creative juices from her work too.

I actually can’t believe I got 3 canvas’ done in 5 hours….It just seemed to roll well and I knew I wanted to just play, with no plan, no idea and just work with it. So here are my 3 canvas’ I created.

and some close up’s of the underlying details


so u can see not only did I have to draw, but had fun playing with heaps of different mediums including gesso, modelling paste, paints, inks, stencils, masks and other odd materials to give texture on the canvas.

Next one I knew I wanted to use this butterfly stencils with placing gesso straight onto it, and the rubbing the outline onto the canvas…this is what I came up with in the end. I used TH’s heart die cuts for background detail.

and close up

Well I think I have posted the pictures in the opposite order to how I created on the day…funny. But this piece of She art was the first canvas block I played with on Sat morning.  Totally a lift (the girl) from Christy’s tuts…but that’s how you learn to start with right????

then some close up’s of the piece.. U can see the TH’s butterfly mask here….

and then used a gorgeous tree stamp I borrowed off the gorgeous Annette from Scrap sat…I used paint to stamp it on then doodled around it more and added the swing.

and you can see the stencil I used underneath the paint (leafy print) that just gives the whole thing more texture and dimension to the whole piece. I loved how you just keep creating layers and the results seem to just creep up on you to a whole piece of art.

Well that was my scrap saturday in pictures…totally an awesome day and fun to try something that I haven’t done before..I will be playing with some more as soon as I can get my hands on some Faber-castell PITT big tip pens….I want…and love what I have seen people do with them.


Hope everyone is having a fab weekend..mine is going to fast




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