A bit late…

but better than never.

I did a couple of challenges but never got around to posting them so I will show them here anyway

A few LO’s I have done over the last couple of weeks

and the close up

still loving my teal colours and can’t get enough of it.

Next one..using some old photos of my grandmother in the airforce

and close up again

And this next LO is of hard to use colours..I just find yellow and blue hard….esp the yellow. Would almost change Cameron to a diff soccer team so it would be easier for me to scrap if his team hadn’t been together for 5 years now :)..mean mummy 🙂

ok so next up is some more pages of my art journal I am working on…slowly LOL



Tried a little of everything on these pages..and am liking the looks too. Love how you can just play and it works out in the end. Its all about layering and I say if it doesn’t work…layer some more 🙂

Right best go and see if I can get some more of my work photographed..but not liking my chances considering its on again, off again snowing or raining here today.

Ta for looking and happy crafting all




4 thoughts on “A bit late…

  1. What a shame that you did not post these before the deadlines – they would have been contenders for sure!!

    Thanks for your support for the new challenge blog – spread the word, please!!!

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