Frosted designs- Grids challenge

Well its that time again for my fab friday team to showcase some of our work for a new challenge. The challenge is GRID! Thats it, plain and simple….Interpret that anyway you like! We would love to see what you come up with and come over to Frosted designs and upload your creation.

Here is my LO that I did using my sewing machine to sew grids onto the boarder, and also drew up a grid that my title is enclosed in….


And yes sorry about the gory pictures…This was my son’s scooter injury he received 4 days before our school holidays ended. He had a cut or should I say gash right to the bone. It was Lydia (another frosted designs member) that had to get my bleeding son back to me, so I could take to the hospital for treatment. His cut surprisingly only required 5 (deep) stitches and he had to be braced for 3 weeks. Lucky for him (and me) that school was starting so he never missed out on much of the fun of school holidays and he was also the centre of attention at school for some time. And in typical form..a scrapbookers son…I had to print out these pictures and more to send along with him to school so he could show everyone how horrid it looked. The poor nurses must have thought I was a nutter when every dressing change, I would snap some more shots of the healing wound. LOL. So if you don’t lik blood then don’t look at the next close up :)…that is your warning.


Ok so I saved you from the worse one…we have a few really good close ups LOL.

Hope everyone having some scrappy fun and can’t wait to see what you all come up with for your grid idea.




3 thoughts on “Frosted designs- Grids challenge

  1. at first one of the pics looked like a bloody pierced nipple to me and I thought that was gross BUT when I took a closer look and saw it was “just” the wound it didn’t look so gross – go figure?
    Last fall my daughter had to have surgery on a cyst on the top of her butt. It was a very deep incision that had to be left open so it would heal from the inside out. Guess who got to change that dressing everyday. Anyway, she had me take a pic of it so she could see it. so how can I say anything negative about your pics besides it’s a really good looking layout. and something most boys will adore.

  2. OUCH!!! It is like a train wreck that I have to keep looking at!!! My son just had knee surgery last month. This looks worse!!! So glad you were there to take all of these pictures and scrap the memory. He will thank you later….much later!!

    Welcome to the Frosted Designs family!!

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